Coronavirus Updates

Clubhouse  - Please note the below conditions and restrictions


New regulations as from 22nd September 2020

  • Face coverings must be worn when inside any building, including locker rooms, pro shop and clubhouse areas.

  • When coming into the clubhouse, you must wait to be met at the entrance. We will then escort you to your table. Only when sat are you permitted to remove your face covering.

  • All food and beverage orders must be taken with you sat at your table. As such, a new table service will be in operation.

  • When leaving your seat to either leave, go to the bathrooms etc. you must wear your face covering.

  • Once seated at your table, please do not circulate with other guests in the clubhouse.

  • Track and trace will still be in operation so your details will be required when entering the clubhouse.


With the way of the world changing we are having to adapt our procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and also our customers. As such there will be several key changes which are listed below:


  • A one way system -The patio doors opposite the car park will be the new clubhouse entry point. A one way system will also be in operation for food collections/ bar drinks and use of toilets. These will be signposted to assist. To exit the clubhouse you may use either the locker room doors or the front door by the office. Please do not enter the clubhouse from the locker rooms.


  • PPE - A physical clear barrier will be placed on the bar to protect customers and staff. All food and drinks will be served to the bar for collection.


  • Government regulations – . Please note that the 1m+ applies to staff and customers (If not living within the same household). As such, if you are unable to maintain a 2m distance from your guests you must take appropriate mitigation. This includes, but is not limited to: wearing face coverings & frequently washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.


  • Staff will continue to clean and sanitize the bar and clubhouse areas. When staff are working in any “front of house area” they will be wearing appropriate face shields and other appropriate PPE.

  • We kindly request that all payments for clubhouse purchases are made via contactless payment using your bank card or SGC bar card.


  • With social distancing regulations currently at 2 m or 1 m plus, our clubhouse capacity is greatly reduced to 18 persons at any given time. As such, we have moved tables and chairs into safe zones for you to use. Please do not use any of the stored seating or move any of the tables as they have been strategically placed. We shall continue to evaluate these restrictions based on any further government advice.


  • With our limited capacity, and the constant flow of golfers finishing their round, we kindly request you to be mindful of your time spent within the clubhouse.


  • We are obliged to record your entry to the Clubhouse – When entering please record your arrival at the bar. This is a government requirement to assist with the “track and trace” programme.


  • With limited customers able to use our services we will have to tailor our offering to suit. As such a reduced food and wet stock offering will be in place.


These enforced changes are not ideal and we are restricted by government regulations and HSE recommendations. We are sure we will not initially get everything right so should you have any positive feedback please do get in touch.

Playing Golf

As you will expect, for the foreseeable future, golf will not quite be the same due to the social distancing measures that remain in place. As such, there were several key measures put into place to ensure our members and guests can enjoy their golf safely.   Theses restrictions have now been eased slightly and the current situation is as follows:


  • Restrictions relaxed to allow green fee paying guests to return to our club. Initially, guest bookings will only be available 48 hours in advance of the tee reservation and restricted to times to suit current member trends. This will prioritise member reservations.

  • All reservations will need to be made in person by calling the Pro Shop or office (Richard Smith – 07858 082260 / 01502 723234).  These tee reservations will operate during our opening hours of 08.00-19.00. Bookings must be made in advance to avoid any volume of members on the tee or within the car park. Tee reservations will be available on a rolling 14 day basis.

  • Please arrive in the car park for your reservation no more than 20 minutes in advance of your tee time. Practice facilities will remain open. Access will not be permitted to the Pro Shop although goods will be available from Richard at his door. Please email Richard on if you require anything in advance.

  • Full 18 hole rounds are now allowed.

  • Tuesday/Wednesday and Sunday mornings will remain open for specific sections with bookings taken from 08.00-12 noon. Open play thereafter.

  • Practical restrictions including the removal of rakes and not touching the pin will remain. To assist with ball removal a “ball lifter” will be placed in the cup.   It remains imperative that you do not touch these with your hands, instead, please use your putter head or foot to simply "pop" your ball out using the small black arm.
    One of the key benefits of these Precision Ball Lifters is that they assist by stabilising the pin. In addition they also have a movable arm so you can putt with this on the alternative side of the flag stick, maximising the hole cup area.
    “Gimmies” continue to be encouraged.

  • Locker rooms and toilets will be accessible but strictly with a maximum of 2 persons entering at any one time.

All of these processes will be constantly reviewed and we will continue to take guidance from our governing bodies.

Please be aware that the office will be manned although access will not be permitted. Contact can be made on the phone or via email.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back and thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.
Play safe, stay safe!

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