General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy

On 25th May 2018, the Data protection Act (DPA) was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Every organisation that stores and processes a mailing list of individuals must decide whether they need to register with the Information Commissioners Office and seek specific consent from every individual on the list to continue using that information.


We believe that Southwold Golf Club is exempt from this requirement. The reason is that, as a small membership-based Community Amateur Sports Club, the only uses made of the addresses details you provided us with are to contact you about matters relating to Southwold Golf Club to include subscription renewal, match arrangements and Clubhouse events etc. We believe it is reasonable to assume that, when you provided us with your details, you did so because you expected us and wished us to use them in this way.  


Even though we are exempt, we are required to set out our Privacy Policy in respect of our mailing list which we do below.


We Need To Tell You What Information We Hold About You and How It Is Used


Personal information about SGC members is held on a database that consists of a minimum of your name, address, handicap, date of joining, age, subscription owed, gift aid preference, telephone numbers and email addresses.


This data is held within the office at Southwold Golf Club by the Club Manager and is used to keep track of membership subscription status, to address envelopes and emails containing information relevant to Southwold Golf Club members by way of newsletter or annual subscriptions.


At any time, a member can request to see what personal information we hold on our file. This can be amended accordingly to rectify any errors. At any time, a member can request for us to remove their contact details from the database so they will not be in receipt of newsletters and other information related to Southwold Golf Club.


Personal information is held on members only whilst their membership is active. This information is deleted if subscriptions are not paid within 12 months of them being due. Southwold Golf Club also deletes all data related to ex members who have passed away once notified.