Hole 7


This tee box provides you with a good vista of the common, marshes and out to sea, with the dome of Sizewell in the distance. Careful consideration to the tee shot needs to be given. Any kind of slice will put you in the rough, a hook and you are probably out of bounds. Aim for the right hand side of the fairway and the ball should roll down to middle of the fairway. From the fairway take a 6 or 7 iron to position yourself on the top bank above the green. This will allow you to see the pin position and the undulations of the green. So now for a good wedge shot, probably a sand wedge to pitch onto the green and roll towards the pin. 2 putts should see you get you bogie, net par.


Hole Seven ~ Pro Tips


322 yards par 4 stroke index 13Don’t be greedy, 200 – 220 yards off the tee, right half of the fairway is your line, “LEFT IS OUT OF BOUNDS” 2nd shot pin high or past the hole, there is a bank at the back of the green and anything short kicks left, all putts go towards the sea.

Hole 8


A hole, typical of the James Braid design, a golfer’s hole, where you will benefit from good course management. From the tee take your driver and don’t try to cut the corner, if you are not long enough you will be playing 3 off the tee. The line is the cutaway in the gorse on far side of the fairway. Next the line now is the clubhouse gable and if you have reached your target, 2 more shots should put you on the green. This could be a couple of 7 irons or a 6 and a 9 iron if you prefer. Aim right side of the green where the ball will naturally run in towards the pin. Once on the green it is 2 putts for a bogie, net par.


Hole Eight ~ Pro Tips


405 yards par 4 stroke index 5“card wrecker 2” don’t go left trying to take the corner on, it has no percentage. Strike a maximum 220 – 230 yards from the tee to the centre of the fairway. 2nd shot needs a solid 170 – 180 shot to right centre of the green “don’t go left” because of slope and gorse bushes, one good pace putt par 4, 90% of the field beaten.