Hole 1


With the approach being uphill and gorse to the left and a out of bounds pit to the right this hole should not be underestimated. If you have not warmed up you could easily find yourself on the far right and have the bunker to chip over. Treat this hole with respect, the higher handicapper should play the safe option with an 8 iron short of the bunkers and chip on followed by two putts for a par to your handicap. For the brave, another approach would be to play a fairway wood to the green with 2 puts for a net birdie


Hole One ~ Pro Tips

174 yards par 3 stroke index 11Uphill, one club extra favour pin high left. The trouble is both short and right, but with one good first putt, a Par 3 nice start!!!!


Hole 2


It is down to the warm up, as again, too early in your game you can find trouble in the gorse on the right. Keep the driver in the bag until the 3rd hole and watch out for the Tee Box teasingly pointing you towards the right hand side of the fairway. Playing this hole with three 5 irons should see you nicely avoiding trouble and remaining on the fairway, short of the first pair of bunkers, about 100 yards from the pin. A 9 iron or pitching wedge should take you nicely onto the green with 2 putts for your par. Putting is by no means easy as there is a lot of shape to this green so you may look to try and get to the green in less. To do this still play the initial 5 iron but play a fairway wood followed by a 5 iron should see you on the green for 3 with a further 3 putts to achieve par.


Hole Two ~ Pro Tips

509 yards par 5 stroke index 4Play as a 3 shotter, 3 or 5 wood favour right centre of fairway because of slope, 2nd shot play short of cross bunkers again with 3 or 5 wood, 3rd shot mid iron 5 yards right of flag watch out for right to left, front to back slope on the green. Low handicappers can reach green in 2 but very much risk and reward option.