Hole 11


Playing with an iron you could find yourself short of the fairway, a 3 wood or a driver aiming to the right should allow you to find a safe spot on the fairway. The second shot is usually played with your feet below the ball so consideration should be given. Taking a 3 wood for the second shot and aiming for the ridge should leave you with 180 yards to the pin. Then the choice is to lay up or not. I suggest lay up safe, which allows you to see the pin position. So after laying up with a 9 iron it is usually a wedge to the green, with 2 putts for your net par.

Hole Eleven ~ Pro Tips


558 yards par 5 stroke index 2The longest hole at Southwold same direction as the 2nd but 50 yards longer. Driver is needed this time, favour right centre because of sloping fairway, 2nd shot 200 – 220 yards an ideal yardage to place the ball between the ridge and cross bunkers, a good mid iron right of the flag to find the green as its very much downhill and very slick at stroke index 2 a solid par brings rewards.

Hole 12


Playing from the left tee position should keep you on the left side of the fairway, but be sure not to wander to far left as reaching the rough will make the second shot of laying up more difficult. Playing short of the bunkers for your second shot will leave you 40 to 60 yards to the pin. Using a wedge to be on the green, but if you are left with a long putt be aware that the green slopes uphill away from you and a good thump with a putter may be required. 2 putt for a net par.


Hole Twelve ~ Pro Tips


352 yards par 4 stroke index 10.  The tee box is left of the 3rd which makes the hole a little straighter so watch the left to right slope on the fairway, left centre is the line with your drive, 2nd shot uphill one club extra to find the target, the green is slow from front to back and with left to right break.