Hole 13


Here’s your chance to make a net birdie. Using your driver / 3 wood or even a 3 iron, if you prefer. Find a good lie on the fairway, then playing a short iron into the green for hopefully a single putt for a par 3 net birdie.


Hole Thirteen ~ Pro Tips


236 yards par 3 stroke index 6The longest par 3 and it takes a quality shot to find the green pin high and short right can be lost ball, favour the left side, take a par or nett par and you will move past 50% of the field, small green with traditional borrows.

Hole 14


Playing a bit shorter than the fifth hole, it is still a 5 iron aiming towards the Catholic Church in the distance to be safe. Leaving you some 180 yards from the green another 5 or even a 6 iron to keep you safe and short of the greenside bunkers. As long as you have made a good approach you should have a clear run to the pin. So taking a 6 iron chip and run the ball up to the hole. Good enough for a net par.


Hole Fourteen ~ Pro Tips


348 yards par 4 stroke index 12

The tee box is normal 3 -4 yards in front of the 5th but again 180 -200 yards to the middle of the fairway, having just played the 5th, you can be tempted to hit driver but the out of bounds right forces you left and the drives that just reach the left hand bushes is nobody’s business. Try to learn the distance from our shot at the 5th as pin high can give you a good birdie putt, fast from left to right on green.