Hole 15


Over the road again but this time it is a par 5, rather than the par 4 of the sixth, although the driver or a 3 wood is still the favoured club. Follow this with another fairway wood across the corner to allow you site of the green, with the backdrop of Southwold Town. On a good day a 5 iron should see you to the green, but you can play short leaving a chip on. 2 putts is generally the norm on the tricky shaped green where the ball runs quickly from left to right.


Hole Fifteen ~ Pro Tips


496 yards par 5 stroke index 8.  The 15th is extended and more of a left hand dog leg than the 6th so the out of bounds is more in play down the left hand side all the way to the green. Make sure you aim right enough as the tee points you into the left hand semi rough, a good 2nd shot leaves you a nice pitch into the green, the 3rd shot goes right on the bounce and runs hard right. The green is really quick from left to right and putting off the green is a regular occurrence when the pin is on the extreme right, “PAR IS GOOD, BIRDIE A BONUS”

Hole 16


At this tee box you reach the highest point on the common, hopefully you round has not fell away like everything around you. There are views to the south of the marshes and harbour beyond, while behind you, some of the town. But now to concentrate on the shot in hand, aim for the right hand side of the fairway, where the ball should roll down to middle of the fairway. From the fairway take a 5 or a 6 iron to the green. It is unlikely that the ball will hold on this green unless you are playing with a lot of height. But you should find yourself with a tricky little chip back to the green, a couple of puts you should make net par.


Hole Sixteen ~ Pro Tips


343 yards par 4 stroke index 14

The tee box is 40 yards left of the 7th so the hole plays straighter than the 7th hole, again play smart, right edge of the fairway finishes in the middle, 2nd shot get it up to the hole, as the green is in a little hollow the ball tends to stop well. Can be a fast putt, when the pin is on the lower left level, as the right side of the green is higher. Also out of bounds left all the way down the hole with trees left of the green, a definite “no go area”