Hole 3


This is straight forward, but be sure to keep to the left side of the fairway to ensure you stay on the fairway. Playing to the right you could find yourself in the rough and a poor lie. A driver or a club you can be sure of finding the fairway is favourable. Taking in the views of the common and the water tower the next objective is to lay up short of the bunkers. However if you do find yourself in the rough on the right be sure to aim to the left of the pair of bunkers, as if the ball comes out easy and you can avoid the bunkers being long. Playing short of the bunkers will leave you 40 to 60 yards to the pin. Taking a wedge, make sure it is enough to be on the green. The green slopes upwards away from you and being short could leave you needing 3 putts for a double bogie. But being on the upper part of the green should enable you to 2 putt for your net par.


Hole Three ~ Pro Tips


355 yards par 4 stroke index 7Uphill with left to right slope on tee shot, aim left centre fairway with drive. 2nd shot hit one club more as uphill, green is fast from back left to front right.

Hole 4
Again it’s straightforward as long as you drive well and find the fairway. It is the second shot that makes this hole. If you do find yourself on the rough to the right you can still be on the green for two but you may not hold the green, so play short and take your punishment for a wayward drive. Find yourself on the fairway and depending on the distance a 7, 8 or even a 9, but be sure to pitch short of the green as the ball can easily run through the green leaving a nasty chip back. But if you manage to hit the green this should enable you to 2 putt for your par. [and a net birdie]


Hole Four ~ Pro Tips


267 yards par 4 stroke index 15The shortest par 4 on the golf course and definitely a possible birdie hole but avoid pin high right of green, a definite no go area, favour left side of fairway with tee shot and pin high left with 2nd. A fairly small banked green with very soft borrows.