Hole 9


Regarding the tee shot this is much like the fifth hole and is about removing the hazard of the pit, which you must get out of your mind. Taking a 5 iron and aiming towards the gable end of the clubhouse, should see you safely on the green, avoiding the bunkers at the front and back right. Or if you play to the right of the green on the top bank you can still achieve par with a good chip and run followed by two putts for a net par.


Hole Nine ~ Pro Tips


160 yards par 3 stroke index 17.  At stroke index 17 a good par 3 as it takes a good tee shot to find a well protected green with out of bounds long and right on the clubhouse patio, gorse is short and left and green well bunker, 2 putts again and smile as you walk on to the 10th tee.

Hole 10


After playing the 9th this hole generally plays one club less, but check the wind which is quite deceiving behind the clubhouse. Pitching before the green can land you in the bunker so aim to carry the green and even if you do not hold, a chip back to the pin with a 6 iron and 2 putts should see your net par.


Hole Ten ~ Pro Tips


148 yards par 3 stroke index 16, 115 yards carry over out of bounds, also 5 – 10 yards longer because its up hill like the 1st, anything topped, thinned or fatted is history. The green is well bunkered front right and left along with gorse right and long, this short par 3 needs your full attention.